Dedicated to Stained Glass Art for six generation and over a century

Creation is a conversation

We create through conversation, sharing thoughts and innovating, guided by the will to meet your expectation and even beyond.
Your needs fuel our creation process, resulting in a stained glass that become your very own stained glass.

"I used to go to their studio very often ! As they’re making themselves absolutely available, there were lots of conversations and testing. It was open and determined at once. It’s a beautiful agreement."

- Jean-Michel Alberola (artist) -

"It is fair to say that the windows could not have been realized without the ingenuity, research, experimentation and dedication of les Ateliers Duchemin in Paris. I am very grateful to them."

- Robert Morris (artist) -

"I didn’t know much about stained glass and master glassmakers. I was completely delighted. We’ve worked in an ongoing exchange and with a great intensity."

- Carole Benzaken (artist) -

Stained Glass orginal Contemporary creation for a church - Ateliers Duchemin Vitraux