Dedicated to Stained Glass Art for six generation and over a century

Who we are

Ateliers Duchemin Vitrail Stained Glass showroom

For six generations and over a century, Ateliers Duchemin has been dedicating to Stained Glass Art.

Ateliers Duchemin Vitrail Stained Glass showroom

We restore and preserve stained glasses and we also attach great importance to keeping Stained glass a living and contemporary art.

We work very closely with :

Ateliers Duchemin has now joined Prestige & Tradition, an association born of the will of owners of renowned French firms devoted to the development of their exceptional savoir-faire by modernizing the luxury artisan craftsmen which symbolize the many different crafts in the world of design.

This year their EPV label (Living Heritage Company) has been renewed. This label is mark of recognition rewarding French firms for the excellence of their traditional and industrial skills.

Echantillons de verre pour les vitraux
Echantillons de verre pour vitraux