Dedicated to Stained Glass Art for six generation and over a century

Duchemin Stained Glass - A "French Touch"

Duchemin Stained glass is a project

A project in which we’ve been wholeheartedly dedicating to for generations.

This project is to create a contemporary stained glass. A stained glass in our time moving with the times, regaining its full place in decoration as it once had in Grüber and Guimard’s Art Nouveau or Franck Lloyd Wright and Robert Mallet-Stevens’ Art Deco.

Duchemin Stained glass is a guideline

A strong guideline that sustains all of our work as glassmasters.

We believe that Stained glass does only exist in the meeting of a place, a creator (an artist, a decorator or a designer) and a craftsman.

Our stained glass is a teamwork, that blossoms in the conversation between those three elements. A conversation at the heart of which we place listening in the most honest way, and an ongoing exchange in confidence, to get the best result, for the place, for its owner, for the creator and for the craftsman.

Duchemin Stained glass is as much a form as a thought, as much an experience and a traditional know-how as a dialog of artistic sensitivities.

Stand Glass Window in a staircase in Paris. Glass Painting technique