Dedicated to Stained Glass Art for six generation and over a century


Fueled by their clients’s needs and desires, Architects, Decorators and Designers imagine decors in which stained glass can play a special role.
Stained glass enlightens interiors, protects form the outside, partition spaces or can simply provide a decorative feeling.
Ateliers Duchemin uses both traditional and innovative techniques to meet the client and the designer’s expectations.

Below is a selection of our achievements.

  • 1930 Century Pattern
  • Olga Berckman Designer
  • XIX Century stained glass
  • Guy-Marie Kieffer
  • Hotel Païva - Paris
  • Hotel Régina - Paris
  • Jean-Louis Deniot
  • Roxane Rodriguez
  • Philippe Parent
  • Robial Designer
  • Dominique Reyren
  • Fontani Architect
  • JP Molyneux Studio
  • Andrée Putman
  • Jean-Philippe Tournay
  • XIX Century stained glass
  • Haussmann Building
  • Mallet Steven's building